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College Campus Activities

The mobile division of Laser Trooper travels the 48 contiguous United States. When you hire Laser Trooper, we bring the sound and lighting equipment that enhances our style of laser tag. We take care of the details so you can relax.

Most of our collegiate tour stops are two hours of actual play time with an hour on either side for set up and tear down. Larger campuses will typically book a longer session to accommodate throughput and allow more students the experience. The length of time at your location is up to you, we want to make sure that anyone wanting to play has the chance to do so. Most games will average 20 players per game with the length of the game and the game styles being adjustable on the fly. 

Our equipment is just at home being played outdoors as it is indoors, and contrary to popular belief, it plays just as well in the daylight as in the dark. In fact the only real limitations for us when it comes to places to play is that the electronics do need to stay dry. This is why we ask for a contingency plan for bad weather when planning an outdoor event.


College Campus Activities

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